The Shire of Harvey  is strongly committed to ensuring that all community members have the opportunity to take part in local activities and have fair access to Shire of Harvey community programs, events, services and resources.

In working to achieve this, the Shire of Harvey has developed a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP). It has been produced in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and has been formally approved by the Disability Services Commission.

Although the DAIP has a strong focus on access and inclusion for people with disabilty, its aim is to benefit all members of the community. Access and inclusion is for everyone.

For more information and details of services for people with disability, please visit the Disability Services Commission’s website.

To learn more about what the Shire of Harvey does to improve access, please visit the following pages of our website:

Have Your Say – An opportunity for you to raise any issues in relation to access and inclusion within the Shire of Harvey.

Toilets, Facilities and Buildings – Information about our buildings and facilities. Links to the Toilet Map for the Shire of Harvey.

Recreation, Tourism and Services – Information on local services and free access for carers.

Community Initiatives – Information about past, present and future projects.

Footpaths and Walkability – Information about the ‘walkability’ of the Shire and how to report any issues with a footpath.

Alternative Communication

DAIP 2012-2017


Community Initiatives

Footpaths and Walkability

Have Your Say

Recreation, Tourism and Services

Toilets, Facilities and Buildings