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Facilities Hire

Lot 208 Community CentreThe Shire of Harvey owns and maintains a number of facilities and reserves on behalf of the community. There are sport grounds, kitchen spaces, meeting rooms, community centres, an amphitheatre, a youth space and more. Some of these are available for hire.

Community groups use these places for activities such as playgroups, classes, fundraisers, celebrations, meetings and concerts. Businesses use the spaces for events such as conferences and seminars.

By hiring these spaces out the Shire of Harvey provides the community with low-cost gathering places and generates revenue for their upkeep.

To make an application to hire a Shire of Harvey facility/reserve or to find out about the variety of facilities for hire please complete an ‘Hire of Local Government Property’ application form below. Once your application has been received by the Shire of Harvey it will be assessed. If approval is granted, you will be required to pay both the fees and/or bond prior to the date of use.

For details on pricing or further information click the link to the Facility below:

Roelands Hall

Stanton Park (old Golf Course)

Stirling Cottage Gardens

Yarloop Sports Pavilion 0438 961 216

Australind Town Hall

Binningup Hall

Brunswick Recreation Centre

Brunswick Town Hall

Gibbs Pool Amphitheatre

Harvey Recreation Ground

Harvey RSL

Harvey Town Hall

Myalup Community Centre

Other Facilties for Hire


Application- Halls and Buildings

Note: Applications take a minimum of two weeks to process, please ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.  Tentative bookings will not be accepted.


Events Approval

The Shire of Harvey is committed to supporting event organisers within the Shire to conduct well planned, responsible events. Event approval will be subject to the event organiser meeting the requirements of all relevant Shire of Harvey departments and external agencies. These requirements will include obtaining the necessary permits, insurance, notification of affected people and a variety of specific conditions according to the event.

The Harvey Harvest FestivalTo get started, you should submit an event application package including completing a handy checklist to identify what permits and approvals are required. Once received, processing of your application will begin by Council officers and a meeting will be arranged with you and a Shire Representative to discuss your event.

It is important that your application is lodged at least 15 weeks prior to your event so please allow plenty of time.

Applications and approvals for an event are not transferable. Therefore the organiser cannot transfer council approval for an event to an alternative venue, date or time, without re-negotiating with Council.

Event Application Package

Street Stalls

Not for profit community groups and charitable organisations can apply to hold a street stall in designated areas determined by the Shire of Harvey. It is recommended that you contact the Shire of Harvey before applying to check availability of dates and locations. For bookings please complete the relevant Stall Holder’s Permit below and forward it to the Shire.

Please select the form relevant to your particular stall-

Application Stall Holder Permit
Application Stall holders (Food) Permit

Wedding Ceremonies and Functions

Stirling Cottage Gardens, Treendale Estate, Kingston Estate, Galway Green Estate and Ridley Place Foreshore are just a few venues within the Shire of Harvey that are popular choices to hold a Wedding Ceremony on your special day.

To make an application to hold a wedding ceremony or function within the Shire of Harvey, please download the following form and return to the Shire of Harvey. Once your application for a permit has been received it will be assessed and if approval is granted you will be required to pay fees prior to the date of your booking.

Note: Applications take a minimum of two weeks to process, please ensure you book early to avoid dissapointment.  Tentative bookings will not be accepted.

Application Permit to Hold a Function

Harvey Dam Amphitheatre

Enjoy the world class recreational facilities including the Harvey Dam Amphitheatre suitable for major concerts and events.

Outstanding features include walkways, free electric BBQs, playground facilities, gazebos, picnic tables and toilets. The applicant applying for use of the amphitheatre will be required to fill out an application form available from the Harvey Visitor Centre and a bond must be paid to secure the booking date.

To book your event or find out more about fees to hire the Harvey Amphitheatre contact the Harvey Visitor Centre.

Contact Person: Harvey Visitor Centre
Contact Phone: 9729 1122
Contact Email:

Processing Times

Note: Please ensure when booking your function/event that you allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing of applications.  The Shire advises not to make arrangements or send out invites until such time that approval has been received by the applicant.

Tentative bookings and application forms that are not fully filled out can not be accepted, so please ensure all details are filled in correctly to avoid delays or disappointment.

If you have any further queries please feel free to phone our office on 9729 0300.



Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre

Leschenault Leisure Centre

Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool


Harvey War Memorial