Baby Chickens!

For two weeks the Australind Library was home to 11 noisy baby chickens who arrived as eggs but quickly hatched in their incubator. During the holidays we had many excited children come in for fun activities and were amazed to see our new pets chirping away in their pen. With careful staff supervision children were able to hold, cuddle and pat the chickens and watch them grow from newly hatched chicks into baby chickens learning to fly. Ava Panter is pictured here holding a boy chicken after a school holiday activity. The Australind Library thanks by ‘U Can Hatch Us’ for the wonderful chicken hatching experience.








First Time Parenting

Our local first time parenting group is a big success, introducing new parents to the library and what services we offer for children and families. The program is run by the local child health nurses every 2 months for new parents and their new babies with roughly 8 – 10 new mums attending the session at the library as part of their mother’s group. For more information please contact your child health nurse after the birth of your baby. Our latest session had 8 new mums and their babies attended the session with Sugi presenting helpful information about the Better Beginnings program and library programs for young children such as Rhyme Time. After the session Joshua, Caspian, Alys, Lachlan, Vivienne, Charlie, Avah, Peyton, Savannah, Milla and Isla played happily on the mat.





‘The Arrival’ competition winner

Damien Soerja Djanegara was the excited winner of 4 tickets to see “The Arrival” at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on 14th November. Children aged 9+ were invited to make an origami bird at the Australind Library to enter the competition. Damien was very excited he won. He is pictured here with his tickets and with his younger siblings Ebony and Oliver, and Dad Ryan Soerja Djanegara.




Faye Bohling Authour Talk

WA author Faye Bohling gave a lively presentation about her recently launched book “The Laundry Girl” to a large crowd of listeners at the Australind Library on 6th November. Attendees were enthusiastic about chatting with the author over refreshments after the presentation, and a number of books were purchased. “The Laundry Girl” is also available for borrowing through the libraries. Faye is pictured here with Jo Jewell and Marie Waddingham








First Time Parenting Group

Our last first time parenting session for 2017 was  a big hit. Arius, Kyson, Bobbie, Eli, Ruby, Sawyer, Jarra and Devin happily played with the toys on the mat after the session run by the local child health nurses.
















Nola Marino Cybersafety Talk

On Monday evening Nola Marino took time from her extremely busy schedule to speak at the Australind Library about staying safe online, a subject she is very enthusiastic about.   You could have heard a pin drop as those present were completely absorbed in the startling information and frightening statistics she presented.  There are a number of things we can do to keep ourselves safe when we are on the internet and it became apparent that, we as parents, need to be aware at all times of what our children are doing and who they are interacting with when they are online.




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Kite Kinetics workshop at the Australind Library

Mike Alvares flew into the library on a kite…. no we’re only joking but he did bring his impressive kites and kite making skills to the library on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. 20 children and their parents enjoyed making their own kites with help from Mike, hearing about the history of kites, and how he came to be a kite specialist. People passing by stopped to look as a giant blue whale and fish hovered over the library, while the kids practiced flying the kites they made themselves to see if they could catch the whale. It was a fun day for all, thank you Mike for yet another fantastic workshop.

International Volunteer Morning Tea

International Volunteer Day was celebrated at the Australind Library on Monday 21st November 2016 with a high tea style morning tea and chinese tea brewing ritual conducted by guest presenter Heln Roberts. All volunteers and guests present were intruiged with the process and ritual involved. A big thank you goes out to all the hard working and dedicated volunteers who provide their valuable time to assist staff.

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Leschenault Community Nursery Talk and Morning Tea

On Thursday 10th November 2016 Deb Scott from the Leschenault Community Nursery presented an informative and well received talk at the Australind Public Library. Attended by 20 people, Deb talked about sustainable gardening, water wise plants, growing local native plants and attracting birds to your garden. The practical and informative talk and morning tea was well received and enjoyed by all those attended. Each attendee left with a small complimentary plant.

Deb Scott from the Leschenault Community Nursery

Deb Scott from the Leschenault Community Nursery

Victoria Johnson, Deb Scott, Audrey Pietersen and Dave Steptoe

Victoria Johnson, Deb Scott, Audrey Pietersen and Dave Steptoe










Linda Bettenay Author Talk

On Monday 24 October 2016 Linda Bettenay attended the Australind Public Library and was enthusiastically received by a very appreciative audience. Linda has spoken at the Australind Library on two previous occasions and this time she spoke about her most recently published book titled ‘The Apple Core Wars’. The audience was thrilled with Linda’s presentation and a number of the audience purchased all 3 copies of her books.


Margaret Sowden and Margaret Hill from Harvey


Kerry and Victoria from Australind


May and Jayne from Australind


Linda with Ian and Janet Hamilton









Puppet Making at the Australind Library


School children of all ages enjoyed bringing their socks in and making funny and fabulous sock puppets. Ned McInnes (5) with his wonderful sock puppet! Very creative, well done Ned.



Puppet Show at the Australind Library

Unicorn is excited to be at the Library!

Bookworm is moving and grooving!

Bookworm is moving and grooving!









School Holiday fun at the Harvey Library

Arina Gordon (age 9), Keltin Gordon (age 7) and Lily Gordon (age 6)with Top of the Stairs puppets Hen3, Unicorn and Bookworm


Harvey Library Reading Olympics

Father’s Day Lego Competition

Father's Day Lego Competition



Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre

Leschenault Leisure Centre

Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool


Harvey War Memorial