Invitation to comment – Improvements – Uduc Road, Harvey

To help us in our decision-making, we encourage you to submit your comments on the following proposal:

Consultation Period: Monday, 9th July 2018 to Monday, 30th July 2018


 As you are aware, Uduc Road, between Young and Hayward Streets comprises the commercial and retail centre of the Harvey town site with a number of ‘on street’ parking bays located on both sides of the street.  Pedestrian traffic during the week and on Saturday mornings is steady, and while there is an existing crosswalk in the street, strategically located near Becher Street, many people choose to cross the road anywhere along its length.

Complaints are regularly received regarding safety issues associated with the existing crosswalk given the high number of elderly person crossing the roadway either on foot or on gophers.

There is a raised median island in the centre of the road, with strategic openings at street intersections and crossover locations.  The median is infilled with coloured pattern paved concrete and accommodates 19 London Plane trees and 10 decorative western power double outreach light poles.

The pattern paved concrete in the median has lifted at numerous locations and currently comprises a trip hazard.  In addition the existing tree roots have lifted both the median kerbing and sections of the roadway.

Traffic data obtained in 2014 indicates that approximately 5,000 vehicles per day are using the road and the 85% percentile speed, i.e. the speed at which 85% of motorists travel at, or less than, and is used to determine the ‘speed environment’ of a road, was just under 40kph.

 Council has allocated funds to undertake infrastructure improvements and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, along the section of Uduc Road Harvey, between Young and Hayward Street.


To address the above issues a detailed concept design for improvements to Uduc Road was considered by Council at its meeting held on 26th June 2018 where Council supported the proposal subject to undertaking consultation with the community.

The main objective of the proposal is to further change the speed environment of the Road to provide a safer crossing zone for pedestrians and other users, improve the streetscape, upgrade the road infrastructure and provide an entry statement into the commercial precinct area.

The attached plan outlines the proposed changes to Uduc Road between Young Street and Hayward Street, to meet the above objectives as follows:

  • Removal of the central raised median and constructing a flush median (retaining kerbing around trees);
  • Central median to be overlaid with red asphalt, painted edge lines with decorative bollards installed at 1.50m intervals. This will remove any potential trip hazards along Uduc Road and restrict vehicle ‘U-Turns’;
  • Nibbing out and line marking improvements in kerbside parking areas to give a narrower Road appearance and allow additional space for seating/bike racks and possible landscaping;
  • Reconfiguration of the existing on road parking bays to maintain the number of bays;
  • Improvements at the Becher St intersection to improve visibility and safety at the existing crosswalk including improved lighting at the crosswalk location;
  • Entry statements, nibs to include flush red asphalt banding (at Young Street and at Hayward Street)*;
  • Reduction of the speed to 40kph (subject to Main Roads WA approval);
  • Improved Landscaping; and
  • Bicycle parking.

 Submitting Comments:

Therefore your written feedback is requested by 4.00pm on Monday, 30th July 2018. Please complete the attached Community Consultation Submission Form and return to the Shire via either of the the following ways:

  • Via post – Provide your comments and post it to the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 500, Harvey WA 6220; or
  • Via email – Addressed to the Executive Manager Technical Services at with a reference to the ‘Uduc Road, Harvey – Improvements between Young Street and Hayward Street’.

At the close of the consultation period all comments received will be included in a further report to Council where a final decision of the proposal will be made.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your comments on this proposal and should you require any further information please contact either the Shire’s Manager Infrastructure Ian Cocker on (08) 9729 0300 or myself on the above number.  A comment form and map are provided on this link located on the advertisements web page under this item.