Invitation to Comment – Proposed Tree Removals – Silvergull Terrace

To help us in our decision-making, we encourage you to submit your comments on the following proposal:

Consultation Period: Monday, 9th July 2018 to Monday, 30th July 2018


The trees along Silvergull Terrace were planted in the late 1990s however they were planted near an existing high pressure gas main and over time, their root structures have expanded through the road pavement and some have also caused damage to the verge area on the eastern side of Silvergull Terrace.


As part of the investigations on how to best resolve the ongoing issues, a suitably qualified consultant was engaged to assess the existing trees to assist in developing a sustainable solution to the current issues.

The assessment made recommendations and indicated that the existing trees comprise three (3) species as follows:

  • Eucalyptus nicholli (Black Peppermint)
  • Agonis flexuosa (West Australian Peppermint)
  • Eucalyptus grandis (Rose Gum) NSW native

Based on the advice received Council, at its meeting held on 26th June 2018, resolved to write to residents of Silvergull Terrace and Barnes Avenue, in the immediate vicinity of the proposed works, for 21 days seeking their feedback on the following;

  1. Removal of the 12 Eucalyptus grandis (Rose Gum)*;
  2. Excavation of a trench along the western kerb line of Silvergull Place;
  3. Undertake root pruning; and
  4. Undertake repairs to the road surface and replace the damaged kerbing.

Note: There are approximately 52 trees in the median island. The peppermint trees number approximately 40 and are not causing any major issues unlike the Rose Gums which have a greater tendency to shed bark, drop limbs etc.

Submitting Comments:

Therefore your written feedback, via the following avenues, is requested by 4.00pm on Monday, 30th July 2018.

  • Via post – Provide your comments and post it to the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 500, Harvey WA 6220; or
  • Via email – Addressed to the Executive Manager Technical Services at with a reference to the ‘Silvergull Terrace, Australind – Proposed Tree Removals’.  Please follow this link below that will take you to our advertisement page.  The comment form is located in this item on that webpage.

At the close of the consultation period all comments received will be included in a further report to Council where a final decision of the proposal will be made.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your comments on this proposal and should you require any further information please contact either the Shire’s Manager Works and Services Peter Kay on (08) 9729 0362 or myself on the above number.