Local Laws 2017


Local Government Act 1995

Notice is hereby given that the Shire of Harvey has made the following Local Laws which were gazetted on 12th April 2017, and which will come into effect on 26th April 2017:

Shire of Harvey Activities In Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To provide for the regulation, management and control of activities in thoroughfares and public places throughout the district.

Effect:         To establish the requirements with which any persons using or in thoroughfares and public property within the district, must comply.

Shire of Harvey Dogs Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To provide Council with controls and regulatory measures in relation to impounding of dogs, the number of dogs that can be kept, establishment of approved kennels and the manner in which dogs are to be confined by the occupier of a premises.

Effect:         To extend the control over dogs which exist under the Dog Act 1976.

Shire of Harvey Bush Fire Brigades Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To make provisions about the organisation, establishment, maintenance and equipment of bush fire brigades.

Effect:         To align existing Local Laws with changes in the law and operational practice.

Shire of Harvey Cemeteries Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To provide for the orderly management of the Shire of Harvey Cemeteries in accordance with established plans and to create offences for inappropriate behaviour within the cemeteries grounds.

Effect:         All persons engaged in the administration of the cemeteries, burying deceased in the cemeteries, or otherwise providing services to or making use of the cemeteries, are to comply with the provisions of this Local Law.

Shire of Harvey Extractive Industries Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To prohibit the carrying on of an extractive industry unless by authority of a licence issued by the local government; regulate the carrying on of the extractive industry in order to minimise damage to the environment, roads and other peoples’ health and property; and provide for the restoration and reinstatement of any excavation site.

Effect:         Any person wanting to carry on an extractive industry will need to be licensed and will need to comply with the provisions of this Local Law.

Shire of Harvey Fencing Local Law 2017

Purpose:      The purpose of this local law is to prescribe a sufficient fence and the standard for the construction of fences throughout the district.

Effect:         The effect of this local law is to establish the minimum requirements for fencing within the district.

Shire of Harvey Local Government Property Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To regulate the care, control and management of all property of the local government except thoroughfares.

Effect:         To control the use of local government property. Some activities are permitted only under a permit or under a determination and some activities are restricted or prohibited. Offences are created for inappropriate behaviour in or on local government property.

Shire of Harvey Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To constitute a parking region, enable the local government to regulate the parking of vehicles within the parking region and provide for the management and operation of parking facilities occupied by the local government.

Effect:         A person parking a vehicle within the parking region is to comply with the provisions of this Local Law.

Shire of Harvey Standing Orders Local Law 2017

Purpose:      To provide for the orderly conduct of the proceedings and business of the Council.

Effect:         To ensure that all Council meetings, Committee meetings, and other meetings as described in the Local Government Act 1995 shall be governed by these Standing Orders unless otherwise provided in that Act, regulations or other written law.


A copy of the Local Laws may be inspected at or obtained from the Shire Administration Offices at 102 Uduc Road, Harvey or 7 Mulgara Street, Australind office hours (9:00am to 4:00pm weekdays) or by clicking on the above links.