Rates are raised on properties to assist in the operation and maintenance of the Shire’s services and infrastructure, including parks and gardens, footpaths, road maintenance and community facilities. Land in the Shire is rated in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

The Shire of Harvey has adopted its 2016/17 Budget at its Council Meeting of 1st August 2016.  The Budget incorporates a 3.5% increase in general rates with rubbish charges increasing by 3% from $238 to $245 per service.

The Budget includes a discount of 7.5% for the full payment of general rates and charges within the 35 day discount period.  The discount is only available to rate assessments paid in full by 4:00pm on the due date (23rd September 2016).

The Shire offers a number of options for the payment of rates which are noted below:

Option 1– payment in full within 35 days of the issue date (an 7.5% early payment discount applies to the rates component only and paid in full by 4:00pm 23rd September 2016).

Option 2– Two Instalments, dividing the payment over two due dates in September and November ($5.00 admin fee applies) (Note: no discount applicable to Option 2)

Option 3– Four Instalments, dividing the payment over four dates in September, November, January and March ($15.00 admin fee applies) (Note: no discount applicable to Option 3)

The Shire of Harvey has also introduced a weekly/fortnightly/monthly Direct Debit payment. For further information please download the form shown below.

Penalty interest (10% pa calculated daily) will apply to any amount that is outstanding 36 days after the rate notice is issued.

Formal procedures for collection of unpaid rates, including prosecution where necessary, apply where ratepayers do not meet their obligations.

Ratepayers experiencing difficulty in paying rates and charges should contact Councils Rates Department as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.

Pay Your Rates Here

Interim Rates

You may receive an additional (interim) rates notice at any time of the year if you make building improvements on your property, subdivide or demolish a building on your property.


Valuations of properties within the shire have been supplied by the Valuer General which is the responsibility of the State Government. The Shire has no say in how your property is valued. Any objections to the valuation must be lodged in writing within 60 days from the issue of a rating or taxing notice. For further information visit www.landgate.wa.gov.au or call 08 9273 7373.


Pensioners who hold a Seniors Card, Commonwealth Seniors Card and/or Pension Concession Card and lived at the property as at 1 July may be eligible to defer payment of their rates. Pensioners can either pay the required portion of the rates and charges within the particular year, for which the rates were levied and receive the government rebate or pay the charges such as rubbish, specified area rates and defer the rates and esl. Please note pensioners who wish to defer will not be entitled to the Government Rebate.

To apply for the concession you can either contact the Water Corporation on 131 385 or visit the Shire office and complete the forms required.


Cap on Local Government Rates for pensioners from 2016-17.

The State Government has approved a $750 cap for local government rates applying to pensioner households as of the 1st July 2016.  Local Governments are required by legislation to implement this policy change on behalf of the Government when they issue rates notices to affected pensioners.  This means your local government rates notice now includes a concession that is the lesser of $750 or 50 per cent of the rates payable.  For pensioner water charge concessions, the capped limit is $600.

Note: Senior cardholder rates concessions remain unchanged at 25 per cent up to a capped amount, as has been the case for many years.

Change of Ownership or Address

If you are selling or buying a property your settlement agent will advise the Shire of the date of sale and the new owners address and will arrange an adjustment of your rates. If you are not using a settlement agent, you should contact the Council’s Rates Department.

For a normal change of address, please complete a Change of Rates Details Form found below and return to:

Shire of Harvey, PO Box 500, Harvey WA 6220