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Latest Shire News

4 O'Clock Report- Harvey Reporter

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:56:01 WST by nadine, 7829435 views

Starting Tue, 20 Mar 2012

To download the latest 4 O'clock Report published in the Harvey Reporter click the link below.

4 o'clock Report 




Fri, 13 Apr 2012 16:27:43 WST by , 5197597 views

Click here for more information

Portugese Millipedes

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 11:36:51 WST by , 5320096 views

Click here for further information from the Department of Agriculture and Food

New Building Act 2011

Thu, 22 Mar 2012 16:15:02 WST by , 5503720 views

The new Building Act 2011 is effective from the 2nd April 2012. Click here to view the new forms, fees and guidelines.

Contact Person:
Building Department
Contact Phone:
9729 0331


Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:48:33 WST by , 8151446 views


Contact Person:
Environmental Health Officer
Contact Phone:
9729 0332
Contact Email:



Fri, 13 Sep 2013 14:39:15 WST by nadine, 1092621 views

At the close of nominations on Thursday 12th September 2013, six (6) nominations were received for the six (6) vacancies on the Council of the Shire of Harvey.  As a result, the persons listed below have been elected unopposed for four (4) year terms expiring on 21st October 2017.

John Sabourne (O.A.M., J.P.)
Kevin Wood
Greg Campbell
Phil Giancono
Derrek Simpson
Bill Adams

The terms of the newly elected Councillors commence on 19th October 2013.  All newly elected Councillors will be sworn in at a Special Council meeting on Monday 21st October 2013.

Retiring Councillors, Susan Marshall, Elaine Hill and Robert Bertolini did not seek re-election.


Latest Library News

Community Profile
Online Payments
Lost Your Cat or Dog?
Vehicle Licencing
Report Graffiti
Bush Fire Permits
Rubbish Collection
Alternative Communication

Animal Control

Thu, 07 Jul 2011 16:22:01 WST by , 16641 views
Register Your Dog
Register Your Dog
Thu, 07 Jul 2011, 862 views

Dog owners are responsible for ensuring their dog is registered and is not allowed to wander at large in public places. Rangers can seize dogs or issue infringements for those dogs found in public places and not under effective control. The dog may be placed in the Shire Pound and the owner would then have to pay poundage charges to have the dog released.

Rangers patrol beaches, towns, reserves and foreshores to encourage a safe environment for the community and its animals. Rangers are authorised to investigate and enforce breaches of the Dog Act 1976.

Useful information for dog owners to consider:

  • Your dog is required to be registered with the Local Council.
  • The dog must wear a collar with the owner’s name and address on it, as well as the registration tag.
  • If a previous owner does not advise of a change of ownership, he/she continues to be responsible for any offense.
  • No more than two (2) dogs over the age of three months and the young of those dogs under that age are permitted to be kept on any premises.
  • A brochure entitled Licence Look After Me for dog owners and interested people.
  • Dog licences are renewable on 1st of November each year and may be renewed for either 1 year or 3 year periods.
Attachments (click to download)
Application to Transfer/Change Address Dog Registration (406 KB)
PDF document, version 1.6, 533 downloads, uploaded on Fri, 30 Mar 2012

Common Complaints

Thu, 07 Jul 2011 16:25:29 WST by , 13568 views


A dog attack can take many forms, from a person or animal being chased and growled at, to a physical contact resulting in the death of an animal or serious injury to a person. All attacks should be reported to Ranger Services, regardless of the severity of the attack. All complaints are confidential. A dog that has shown the propensity to attack may be declared as a Dangerous Dog and be subject to additional control requirements e.g. muzzled in public.


Neighbours are encouraged to speak to dog owners if they are concerned about excessive barking. If the barking continues to be unreasonable after speaking to the owners residents are encouraged to contact ranger services. A ranger will then liaise with the dog owner and provide suggestions on how the barking may be reduced. Rangers are currently limited in their powers in relation to dog barking and do not have the authority to remove a dog from it's residence.

Dog Excreta

Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs, they are encouraged to provide their own poo bags and not be reliant on those in parks, as they are often stolen/misused. Failure to pick up after your dog in public may result in a $100 fine.

Dog Stray

Rangers receive thousands of calls about stray dogs each year, resulting in a number of impoundments a year. This could easily be avoided if all fences and gates were secure, and all dogs wearing ID.

Dog Wander

Dogs must be held by a leash in all public places, unless in an approved Dog Exercise Area as listed below.

Yarloop: Lot 106 Teasdale Street, Yarloop - Yarloop Recreation Ground
 Harvey: Lot 36 Hinge Road, Harvey - Meriden Park and the reseve area south, not including Dr. Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool.
Brunswick: Pt. Lts. 24 and 25 Clifton Road, Brunswick - Brunswick Recreation Ground. (Does not include the main recreation arena).
Myalup: Pt Loc, 42 and Pt. Loc. 698 Reading Road, Myalup
Binningup: Reserve 39587 Binningup Road, Binningup - Binningup Oval
Roelands: That portion of Railway Reserve adjacent to Government Road, north from Colton Road to Waterloo Road

Reserve 43714 and 31576 known as - Lot 131 Lucy Victoria Avenue, Australind; and

Leschenault Recreation Park - Sporting Field 3 adjacent to Leisure Drive.  Lot 42 Leisure Drive, Australind.

Cookernup: Recreation Reserve 17728 located on the corner of Riverdale and Marston Road, Cookernup.  The fenced off area in the south east corner of this Reserve incorporating the Cookernup Community Hall and Bush Fire Brigade is excised from the exercise area.