Urban Forest Project



To help us in our decision-making, we encourage you to submit your comments on the following proposal:

Consultation Period: Monday 9th April 2018 to Monday 30th April 2018


 Concept Plan:

As you may be aware Council has previously developed a ‘draft’ concept plan to create an ‘Urban Forest’ to link existing public spaces following part of the Collie River in Clifton Park, and beyond.

Community Consultation:

Previous community consultation included a detailed Urban Forest Information Sheet to residents in the local area and a public meeting held in the park area next to Lucy Victoria Avenue.

In October 2016, a summary of the outcomes from the community consultation was presented at a Council workshop, including priorities, and an indicative implementation plan was developed to inform the Shire’s adopted Forward Capital Works Plan for the Urban Forest Project.


Funds for the first stage of the Urban Forest Project have been allocated in Council’s Budget and while a number of smaller onsite improvement works have been undertaken, including the installation of fishing bins, removal of exotic vegetation and maintenance of portions of the limestone pathway, the concept plan required further development into workable and feasible elements.

To implement the entire plan will require a commitment over a number of Budgets and in some cases the assistance of Grant Funding. Council has planned funding in each of the next five (5) years of the Forward Capital Works Plan to progressively implement the Urban Forest Project.

 The Proposal:

 Following a review of the comments received and detailed on ground assessments a prioritised implementation plan, based on the current funding allocation of $470,000, has been developed for this financial year (2017/18).

As part of the plan, Council, at its meeting held on 6th March 2018, approved the implementation of the following works as a priority. These works are currently being arranged.

  • Upgrade / extend the Path Network and Access Control – refer Attachment 1 (Link provided below)
  • Nature Play Area – Stage 1 ‘Design/Construct’ Tender – refer Attachment 2 (Link provided below)
  • Upgrading the Sutton Court Jetty – refer Attachment 3 (Link provided below)

Upgrade/extend path network:

The existing 1.5m wide asphalt path way, is in poor condition and the surfacing needs to be replaced with new asphalt.  In addition the existing wooden bridge on the pedestrian walkway needs replacing including culvert headwall replacement associated with the proposed path works.

Access control to prevent vehicle access:

It is proposed to install appropriate barrier fencing, to restrict vehicular access into the sensitive wetland and parkland area east of Old Coast Road. This will terminate just east of Old Coast Road on Lucy Victoria Avenue. The barrier fencing will ensure that vehicles are prevented from causing damage to the natural habitat and the park infrastructure.  In addition, post and rail fencing and bollards around the existing parking area will also be installed with appropriate signage.

Nature Play area:

The elements that should be incorporated in a proposed ‘Urban Forest’ nature play area have been extensively researched and the proposed play area has been configured as a circuit for children to follow.  Over a dozen existing mature trees are proposed to be incorporated in the play area footprint to provide shade and complement the natural feel of the play area.  The area will be mulched and planted with water wise native plants

A ‘design and build tender’ for the play area will be advertised to ensure the most appropriate company is chosen to progress this element of the Urban Forest project.

Viewing / fishing platforms and associated infrastructure:

The Sutton Court Jetty/fishing platform was closed late last year due to its deteriorated condition.  It is proposed that this structure be upgraded in Stage 1 of the ‘Urban Forest’ project due to the urgent nature of the works.

The Shire will reapply for funding, from the Department of Transport under the Regional Boating Facilities Scheme, for planning and design stage for the upgrading of the other fishing and viewing platforms along the Collie River foreshore which comprises part of the Urban Forest project, when the next round of funding submissions are called.

Further Community Consultation:

 Council, at its meeting held on 6th March 2018, further resolved to advertise the following proposed 2017/18 Urban Forest elements of the plan to the community for 21 days seeking their feedback and input.

  • Dog Exercise fencing and gates – refer Attachment 1 and 4 (Link provided below)
  • Outdoor Exercise Equipment refer Attachment 1 and 5 (Link provided below)
  • Enhanced Landscaping / seating areas Attachment 1 (Link provided below)

 Dog Exercise fencing and gates:

Currently Reserves 43714 and 31576, known as Lot 131 Lucy Victoria Drive, Australind, are designated dog exercise areas where dogs ‘off leash’ can exercise at all times.  Given that there will be a new play area constructed, which will link into the existing playground, it is considered prudent to segregate the dogs ‘off leash’ from the play areas.

It has been suggested that a fully fenced dog ‘off leash’ exercise area be created and that the majority or all other areas be designated as dog ‘on leash areas’ at all times.

The proposed area would be approximately 150m x 200m fenced with a 1.2m high black plastic coated chain link fence with access gates at strategic location. The value of the Dog Exercise Area and the potential conflict between dogs and people using the area were keen themes arising out of the previous consultation. Feedback on this proposal is sought.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment:

The exercise area is proposed to be located at the junction between the two run/walk loops. The area selected will be located under trees and will provide substantial shade for users whilst they are working through the various pieces of apparatus. The six (6) pieces selected target the major muscle groups, are robust and have no articulated parts or bearings.

Enhanced Landscaping / seating areas:

Mulching/eco zoning with native water wise planting will be undertaken at strategic locations along the pathways and seating, shade shelters, picnic tables and benches will be installed.

 Submitting Comments:

 Your written feedback, via the following avenues, is requested by 4.00pm on Monday 30th April 2018.

  • Via post – Provide your comments and post it to the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 500, Harvey WA 6220; or
  • Via email – Addressed to the Executive Manager Technical Services at shire@harvey.wa.gov.au with a reference to the ‘Urban Forest Stage 1 Proposals’

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your comments on this proposal and should you require any further information please contact either the Shire’s Manager Infrastructure Ian Cocker on (08) 9729 0300.

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