Bushfire Preparedness Video (DVD)

On Thursday the 23rd August the Shire of Harvey launched the Bushfire Preparedness DVD that is based on the lessons learned by local residents who experienced the January 2016 Bushfires. The Bushfire Preparedness DVD was funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Program formed by the Australian Federal Government to fund priority disaster resilience initiatives. The 2016-17 was a competitive grants round attracting 41 submissions, requesting over $2.8 million. Of these applicants, 12 were successful including the Shire of Harvey.

Bushfires are a natural part of Australian life, and they happen every year. The Bushfire Preparedness Project has taken a different approach to promote the importance of being prepared by using the power of storytelling. By communicating the lessons learned from local residents who experienced the bushfires first hand, it is intended that others will be educated on the very real risks of fire and feel empowered to take responsibility through preparedness actions of their own.

A big thank you to our participating residents:

  • Ian Widdowson-Gray
  • Julie-Anne McMiles
  • Kim Skipworth
  • Linda Holbrey
  • Maurice & Sandra Stonehouse
  • Jim & Lyn Pace
  • Malcolm Hayes
  • Brian Bevans
  • Trevor & Richard Jackson
  • Kevin and Denise Hall

We would also like to acknowledge supporting agencies; the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Australian Red Cross for their valuable contribution in the development of this important project in conjunction with the Shire of Harvey and Lomax Media.

The DVD is available on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services YouTube Channel. To view simply click on the link below and it will automatically take you to the videos.


We highly encourage everyone to check this video out to gain a better understanding of what to do or not to do in the event of a major bushfire. The DVD is divided in segments covering important preparedness topics that run 3 to 6 minutes, including;

  1. Introduction
  2. Plan to Survive
  3. Protect what Matters
  4. Bushfire Warning Systems
  5. Prepare your Mind
  6. Deciding to Stay or Go
  7. Recovery
  8. Lessons Learned
  9. Bushfire Ready Groups

Instructions to find the Bushfire Preparedness DVD without using the link above are as follows;

Step 1:             Visit: www.youtube.com

Step 2:             Search: DFES

Step 3:             Click on: DFES Western Australia

Step 4:             Click on: ‘Playlists’

Step 5:             Select: ‘Bushfire Preparedness’ PLAY ALL

Meet the People – Name Only

Ian Widdowson Gray, Brian Bevans, Richard Jackson       Maurice Stonehouse, Cr Tania Jackson, Sandra Stonehouse