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Please note that Bushfire Recovery Agency Staff and Services are no longer available from the Bushfire Recovery Centre.

 Assistance may be available at your local Community Resource Centres;

Harvey CRC Yarloop CRC Brunswick CRC
5 Gibbs Street 21 Teesdale Street Ridley Street
9729 1669



9733 5600


9726 1452


For other Bushfire Recovery related enquiries please contact the Shire of Harvey:

Maree Ellis:            97290323

If you need further assistance or someone to talk to you can contact the following 24 hour phone services:

Crisis Care:                  1800 199 008

Rural Link:                  1800 552 002

Kids Helpline             1800 551 800

Beyond Blue               1300 224 636



On Thursday the 23rd August the Shire of Harvey launched the Bushfire Preparedness DVD that is based on the lessons learned by local residents who experienced the January 2016 Bushfires. The Bushfire Preparedness DVD was funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Program formed by the Australian Federal Government to fund priority disaster resilience initiatives. The 2016-17 was a competitive grants round attracting 41 submissions, requesting over $2.8 million. Of these applicants, 12 were successful including the Shire of Harvey.

Bushfires are a natural part of Australian life, and they happen every year. The Bushfire Preparedness Project has taken a different approach to promote the importance of being prepared by using the power of storytelling. By communicating the lessons learned from local residents who experienced the bushfires first hand, it is intended that others will be educated on the very real risks of fire and feel empowered to take responsibility through preparedness actions of their own.

A big thank you to our participating residents:

  • Ian Widdowson-Gray
  • Julie-Anne McMiles
  • Kim Skipworth
  • Linda Holbrey
  • Maurice & Sandra Stonehouse
  • Jim & Lyn Pace
  • Malcolm Hayes
  • Brian Bevans
  • Trevor & Richard Jackson
  • Kevin and Denise Hall

We would also like to acknowledge supporting agencies; the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Australian Red Cross for their valuable contribution in the development of this important project in conjunction with the Shire of Harvey and Lomax Media.

The DVD is available on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services YouTube Channel. To view simply click on the link below and it will automatically take you to the videos.


We highly encourage everyone to check this video out to gain a better understanding of what to do or not to do in the event of a major bushfire. The DVD is divided in segments covering important preparedness topics that run 3 to 6 minutes, including;

  1. Introduction
  2. Plan to Survive
  3. Protect what Matters
  4. Bushfire Warning Systems
  5. Prepare your Mind
  6. Deciding to Stay or Go
  7. Recovery
  8. Lessons Learned
  9. Bushfire Ready Groups

Instructions to find the Bushfire Preparedness Video (DVD) without using the link above are as follows;

Step 1:             Visit: www.youtube.com

Step 2:             Search: DFES

Step 3:             Click on: DFES Western Australia

Step 4:             Click on: ‘Playlists’

Step 5:             Select: ‘Bushfire Preparedness’ PLAY ALL

Meet the People – Name Only


Maurice Stonehouse, Cr Tania Jackson and Sandra Stonehouse

Ian Widdowson Gray, Brian Bevans and Richard Jackson




Recovery and Regrowth Art Project and Exhibition

A Recovery and Regrowth Art Exhibition was held from the 5th to the 14th January at the Harvey Recreation & Cultural Centre with more than 550 people visiting the exhibition to view works in textiles, sculpture, mosaics, painting & photography.    The exhibition was the final component of the Recovery & Regrowth Art Project organised by the Shire of Harvey as part of the Bushfire Recovery Program. The dates and theme of the exhibition were chosen to acknowledge the two year anniversary of the 2016 Waroona, Yarloop and Harvey Bushfires.  This exhibition was an outstanding success showcasing 120 works from 65 accomplished and emerging artists and included works made by participants of the Recovery & Regrowth Art workshops held during the year. This very special exhibition was a testament to the talent, resilience and community spirit that exists within the community allowing people to express what is sometimes inexpressible in words.

Everyone viewing the exhibition had the opportunity to vote for their favourite art piece.  The Recovery and Regrowth Working Group then judged three additional categories.  The winners of these awards are:

People’s choice award:

Yvonne Longville for her piece titled “The Journey”.

Judges awards:

Art Workshop Participant: Ruth Morley for “Stand Together”.

Youth Award 12 -18 years: Brock McMiles for “Moving Along”.

Primary age up to and including 11 years: Cooper Ross for “Christmas Tree”.

The Awards were presented by Shire President Tania Jackson at an afternoon tea held on the 17th January 2018 at the Harvey Bush fire Recovery Centre.

The Shire of Harvey would like to thank everyone involved especially the volunteers who assisted during the exhibition, members of the Recovery and Regrowth Working group for their hard work and dedication to the project, members of the Harvey Art Society and the Harvey Districts Arts and Craft Group and the staff and management of the Harvey Recreation & Cultural Centre.

Proudly Supported by: Alcoa; CAN Catalyst Community Arts Fund; Lotterywest and the Shire of Harvey



People who have experienced a disaster, such as a bushfire, will go through times when they find things difficult or challenging. While it is normal for people to experience a range of emotions during recovery, for some people the distress persists well after the traumatic event.

There are signs to look for in yourself and in others to indicate that what you are experiencing may be beyond a normal reaction. If you or someone you know experiences any of the following symptoms at any time, professional assistance may be beneficial.

These symptoms include:

  • Distress that feels extreme or interferes with your ability to participate in day-to-day activities.
  • Feeling overwhelming fear for no obvious reason.
  • Panic symptoms (increased heart rate, breathlessness, shakiness, dizziness).
  • Avoiding things that bring back memories of what has happened.
  • Excessive feelings of guilt about what was or wasn’t said or done.
  • Loss of hope or interest in the future.
  • Thoughts of self-harm.

Experiencing such feelings and emotions are not a sign of weakness. It’s important to understand the benefits of professional assistance. If you or someone you know would like to talk to a Counsellor, please talk to your GP and ask for a referral to a Counsellor.  This service is usually covered by Medicare and there is no cost to you.

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Rebuilding Fact Sheet

To access information regarding rebuilding, planning and environmental health issues in Yarloop and surrounding areas, please click on the following link.

State Recovery Team

To contact the for the State Recovery Team is as follows:

State Clean-up Contacts
Phone: (08) 6552 5335 or 0439 109 389
Email: firecleanup@dpc.wa.gov.au
Address: PO Box 634, Harvey WA 6220

Bush Fire Effected Properties – Health Information

For information regarding Asbestos and Rain Water please find brochures below. For further information please call the Shire of Harvey Health Department.