Community Citizen of the Year Awards

Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to their community and should be recognised for the positive impact that has enhanced their community?

Then why not nominate them for a Community Citizen of the Year Award which acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of outstanding people within the community.

Nominations are now open until 31 October.

In choosing the recipients of the Community Citizen of the Year Awards, regard is given to the nominee’s achievements in the year immediately prior to receiving the award, as well as their past achievements and ongoing contribution to the community.

Recipients will be judged on:

  • Significant contribution to the local community over and above what is normally expected from their paid employment/business.
  • Demonstrated leadership on a community issue resulting in the enhancement of community life.
  • A significant initiative which has brought about positive change and added value to community life.
  • Inspiring qualities as a role model for the community.

To find out more about the criteria head to the Citizen of the Year Award site.