Extractive Industries

All extraction of basic raw materials, including sand, laterite, gravel, limestone, agricultural lime sand, rock quarry and mineral sands requires Planning Consent and Extractive Industry Licence from Council. Planning Consent must be obtained through Council’s Planning Department before any excavation or land clearing takes place.

Included in conditions of all Planning Consent, Technical Services will assess the associated road access and analyse effects on traffic, road pavement and public safety. A road levy based on surveyed cubic meterage extracted from the approved quarry/pit will apply from the date of Extractive Industry Licence (EIL) issue. There may also be a need for road upgrading to a suitable heavy haulage standard prior to any material being carted from site. Such conditions must be negotiated with Technical Services prior to issue of Planning Consent and Extractive Industry Licence.

Contact Person: Technical Services Department
Contact Phone: 9729 0300
Contact Email: shire@harvey.wa.gov.au
Schedule 3 Application for an Extractive Industry Licence


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