FOGO Bin Roll-Out a Success

Brunswick resident Kerry Aston using her FOGO bin with her 2-year-old daughter Atia Iloski.

In the first week of rolling out the FOGO bin to more than 10,500 residents in the Shire of Harvey, more than 62 tonnes of organic material has been diverted from landfill.

Bunbury Harvey Regional Council Chief Executive Officer Tony Battersby said in the next 12 months about 4,000 tonnes from Harvey Shire residents would be diverted from landfill.

Mr Battersby said it was great to see Harvey Shire join other local governments in the region who have the FOGO bin.

The FOGO waste is taken to Banksia Road Organics Processing Facility where around 10,500 tonnes of organic material from Bunbury, Capel, Donnybrook and Collie were processed last year.

“The waste is turned into compost at the facility which is then sold on to farmers who use it for their crops and is available for anyone who would like to purchase it at the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility,” he said.

“We are not just digging holes and putting waste in the ground anymore, which produces huge amounts of methane gas, instead we are creating a product which can be put back into the environment and is certified organic.”

Harvey Shire Chief Executive Officer Annie Riordan said residents in the Shire were to be commended on the low rates of contamination from the first loads of FOGO waste collected last week.

“It is impressive to see how our residents have embraced the introduction of the third bin and are working towards reaching our target of up to 75 per cent diversion from landfill by 2025,” she said.

Brunswick resident Kerry Aston said it was a great initiative of the Shire and she was “very excited to have the FOGO bin.”

“It is the next generation that will benefit from having the FOGO bin. My 2-year-old daughter already knows what goes in each bin and I love that she is using this from such a young age, we are doing our bit for the environment.”