Mosquitoes and other pest insects


Fight the Bite

Fight the Bite is a new community awareness campaign launched by the Cities of Bunbury and Busselton and Shires of Capel, Dardanup and Harvey. The campaign was launched in partnership with the WA Department of Health in an effort to reduce the transmission of mosquito-borne disease.

Please find below the Facebook link and address for the Fight the Bite South West page.

Mosquito Research

A survey is currently being conducted in the South West into Mosquitoes in the South West and would really value your feedback.  Get in quick to grab one of the 50 prize packs available for the first 50 respondents.  You will find the survey at the following link.

Mosquito Control

Council’s mosquito control programme generally operates from late August to April of each year, which is the disease threat period.

The Leschenault Mosquito Control Group comprises of the neighbouring Local Governments of Dardanup, Bunbury and Harvey working in cooperation to reduce mosquito numbers.

The breeding of mosquitoes in backyards in rainwater tanks, pot plant trays, bird baths, frog ponds or any container that holds water, can cause a severe local problem. So make sure you empty those containers out at least every 5 days. The mosquitoes are part of our estuary and river environments and are expected to be problem from time to time.

Remember, if mosquitoes are biting, use a tropical strength repellent, wear long loose clothing and avoid mosquito prone area and biting times.



Ross River Virus Warning

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Health Department – Mosquito-borne Diseases in WA


For information regarding Portuguese Millipedes, please click on the link below:

Portuguese Millipedes Information

Contact Person: Health Department
Contact Phone: 9729 0300
Contact Email:
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