Australind Silent Disco

Australind Silent Disco
06 Jan 2021

The Shire is hosting a youth Silent Disco on Wednesday, 20 January at the Leschenault Leisure Centre.

Our Silent Disco will allow youth to select from a number of channels on their headsets whilst dancing to an inspired DJ set. The disco will be held at the Tennis Pavilion at the Leschenault Leisure Centre (Leisure Drive, Australind). The event will be supervised by Shire staff.

The event will be run in two sessions:

Session 1: 3:30pm to 5:30pm (10 to 13 years old).

Session 2: 5:30pm to 7:30pm (14 to 17 years old).

Places are limited and registrations are required. Once capacity is reached registrations will close. First in best dressed. 

Date: Wednesday, 20 January. 

Cost: Free.

For more information, please call Community Development Officer Andre Morris on (08) 9729 0339. 

Refreshments will be provided. This is a drug/alcohol and smoke free event. 

Please note:

Please do not attend this event if you have any cold or flu symptoms, have been to a known COVID-19 hotpsot area, travelled outside of the state or overseas in the past 14 days.

COVID-19 contact tracing will be required as part of the event registration process.

Australind Silent Disco Registration Form



Does the participant have any previous or current medical condition or restriction, physical or otherwise, which may affect your ability to participate?