If you a considering living onsite whilst building a dwelling, please read the following:

  • Applications for temporary accommodation is only for building sites outside townsite boundaries or on lots zoned “Special Residential” or “Special Rural” within townsite boundaries.
  • Applications for lots zoned “Residential” within any townsite boundary will be declined unless extraordinary circumstances exist.
  • You must apply in writing for approval to live in “temporary accommodation” addressed to the Principal Environmental Health Officer.
  • It is illegal to convert a conventional shed for use as a residential premise or occupy a shed.
  • Ablution facilities and laundry may be provided within the shed but you must reside within a caravan or similar facility within the shed.
  • Satisfactory arrangements are made and maintained with regard to a potable water supply, sanitation, garbage disposal and electricity supply.
  • The necessary building application for the dwelling has been received and approved, with slabs laid prior to any consideration given to approving an application.