Traffic Management Trial – Binningup Road

Resident concerns regarding speed of traffic has prompted a traffic management trial on Binningup Road. Recent traffic data indicated that the 85% speed* on the section of Binningup Rod between Lakes parade and Georgia Street was 74.5kph (max recorded speed 150.3kph).

Note*: 85% speed is the speed at which 85% of motorists travel at or less than and is used to determine the road speed environment.

A speed of 14.5kph over the legal speed limit of 50kph is unacceptable. The trial is intended to change driver behavior on this section of road and the success or failure of the trial will depend on its effect of vehicle speeds.

Please note that line marking and final signage is yet to be implemented.

The speed cushions installed have been used as vehicles can straddle these at a lower speeds and they have no adverse effect on larger vehicles.

Temporary signage has been installed while more appropriate permanent signage is being arranged.

What we have implemented is the absolute minimum and if motorists stick to the road rules the devises should have little effect on their daily travel along Binningup Road. It is only those that have a habit of breaking the law that will be inconvenienced by the devices.

The area will be monitored during the trial and any feedback would be appreciated by emailing and include ‘Binningup Rd Traffic Management Trial’ in the email subject heading.