What do you want from your Local Government?

Join the biggest collaboration in WA. Communities across 139 local government areas are joining up to create a map of wellbeing and resilience levels.

Funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, supported by CATALYSE® and LG Professionals WA and with promotion through WA local governments, this initiative aims to capture the thoughts of all WA residents over the age of 18.

With this in mind, we encourage everyone to complete the scorecard by visiting www.research.net/r/MARKYT and to share this information far and wide with all your WA based friends and family.

Resilience Scorecards will help State and Local Government to gather state-wide baseline and informing data to respond, recover and thrive:

  • To cope with short-term disruptions;
  • To anticipate, prepare and adapt to longer-term changes; and
  • To monitor symbols of recovery.

Scorecard responses will remain private and confidential.  The study is being managed by CATALYSE®, an independent research company that abides by the Privacy Act.

The study will remain open until 3 July 2020.