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Shire of Harvey District Planning Scheme No. 1

It is hereby advised that Council has revoked the following Local Planning Policies under Part 2, Division 2, Clause 4(1) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015:

4.1.2         Subdivision of Rural Lots
4.1.4         Clearing in “Special Residential” and “Residential” Zones – Removal of Dangerous Trees
4.1.5         Selection Criteria for Lifestyle Lots
4.1.6         Second Dwelling on a Rural Location
4.1.8         Grouped Dwelling Development
4.1.9         Lakeside Preston Estate Development
4.1.10       Air Quality Control Guidelines
4.1.11       Day Care/Child Care Centres
4.1.12       Residential Land Slopes
4.1.13       Public Open Space Provisions
4.1.20       Lot 102 Cathedral Avenue, Parkfield
MICHAEL PARKER                                                                                                        PO Box 500
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                                                              HARVEY WA 6220

Shire of Harvey Joint Development Assessment Panel

Minutes of the Shire of Harvey Joint Development Assessment Panel meeting held Tuesday, 14th November 2017, are available to view by selecting the following link: