Extractive Industries

Extractive industry means an industry which involves the extraction, quarrying or removal of sand, gravel, limestone, clay, hard rock, stone or similar material from the land and includes the treatment, processing and storage of those materials.

Assessment and approval of an extractive industry is a ‘dual’ process, firstly relating to a Development Approval which is followed by the issue of an Extractive Industry Licence (EIL).

A Development Approval will contain various conditions that are required to be fulfilled prior to the issue of an EIL, including the lodgement of a pit reinstatement bank guarantee and various management plans.

The requirements for the Development Application are listed in the below Application Checklist and also the Shire of Harvey Extractive Industries Local Law. These requirements are also included in the Extractive Industry Application Checklist.

Bank Guarantees are generally not released until after the close of operations and at least three years after reinstatement and rehabilitation measures have been undertaken.

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