Permit to Burn

When a permit to burn is required

A permit to burn is required when lighting fires on your property in the restricted burning period from:

  • 2 November  to 14 December; and
  • 15 March to 15 May.

Important notes:

  • Fires must not be lit during the prohibited burning period from 15 December to 14 March.
  • Dates for both the restricted and prohibited burning periods are subject to change, depending on weather conditions.
  • Heavy penalties apply for burning during the restricted period without a permit to burn.

Apply for a permit to burn

Permits can be obtained by contacting your local Fire Control Officer. Contacts details are provided below.

NameAreaContact details
Peter Simpson

Leschenault, Australind, Parkfield and Wellesley

0419 989 660
Peter Simpson

Binningup, Parkfield and Wellesley

0419 989 660
Wayne Jackson Myalup0418 940 929
Tracy OsbornYarloop and Hoffman0457 088 073
Kevin ProwseUduc0418 921 811
Robert GeorgeBrunswick Town, Roelands and Olive Hill0417 173 553
Vaughn ByrdHarvey Hills 0404 800 302
Jayden Marinelli Cookernup and Hoffman0402 175 047
Vaughn ByrdBenger0404 800 302


Preparing for your burn

Assuming you have received a permit to burn, you must adhere to the following conditions:

  • 24 hours prior to your planned burn date, contact the Shire on 9279 0300 and provide your permit number (weekend burning must be notified by Friday at 4pm).
  • 4-28 days prior to your planned burn, notify the owner and/or occupier of adjoining land.
  • If your land is situated within 3 km of state forest land, a national park or nature reserve, you must notify the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions on  9735 1988.

Burning garden waste during the restricted period

  • Check fire danger rating and ensure there are no fire bans in place.
  • Check the weather conditions (wind strength, the direction of the wind).
  • You can only burn one pile of garden waste at a time.
  • Each pile must not be bigger than 1 cubic metre.
  • Clear 3 metres around the edge of your pile for safety.
  • The burn must be lit after 6pm.
  • You can add waste to your burn until 11pm as long as the pile does not exceed 1 cubic metre at a time.
  • The burn needs to be completely out before midnight.
  • Let the people living near you know 72 hours before you burn.
  • Stay and attend to your burn until it is extinguished.
  • Ensure you have an adequate water supply.
  • Use metal fittings on your hoses if possible.

Do not burn the road verge without written permission from the Shire. Please contact us to discuss.

If the fire becomes uncontrollable call 000 immediately.

More information and contacts

For more information about permits to burn, please contact us.

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