Memorial Swimming Pool

Location and opening hours

The Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool is located at 36 Hinge Road, Harvey (view map directions).

The Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool is currently closed and will reopen later in the year.

Fees and charges

Note, all fees listed below include GST.

Admission fees

  • Adults: $4.70 per person/session
  • Children: $3.70 per person/session
  • Seniors: $3.20 per person/session
  • Pensioners: $3.20 per person/session
  • Schools: $3.20 per person/session
  • Spectators: Nil

Concession tickets (books of 10)

  • Adults:  $42.00
  • Children: $32.00

Season tickets

  • Family*: $280.00 per family
  • Adults: $140.00 per adult
  • Children: $115.00 per child
  • Concession: $115.00 per concession holder or individual senior
  • Seniors : $210.00 per senior couple.

Important notes

  • Family means the parent(s) and children of the family 17 years and under.  Older members of the family are to make their own arrangements for pool entry. 
  • Season tickets will be available from the Pool Manager. 
  • Seniors refers to Senior Cardholders. Valid Seniors, Pensioner and Concession cards must be displayed on the day to obtain the discounted price.

Private pool hire (after hours)

$115.00 per hour

Facilities available

  • BBQ
  • Basketball half court
  • Shaded seating areas
  • Toddlers pool.

More information and contacts

For more information about the swimming pool, please contact us.