Harvey Community Precinct

Project overview

The Harvey community precinct project will include the creation of a dynamic library and civic administration centre. Incorporation of the Harvey Community Resource Centre, Harvey Community Radio and other facilities will cater for growing population needs.

The current community precinct is at the heart of the Shire, with strong links to all community infrastructure. The redevelopment of this precinct will create a path to the future while celebrating the agricultural history of the district. This regional area reflects growth, enterprise and sustainability, all values that the new precinct will promote. Heritage buildings within the community precinct in Harvey will be rejuvenated by repurposing and updating the facilities to become flexible spaces, with a multitude of community and civic uses.

The Shire of Harvey has been active in informal meetings with all of the community groups, both in the town and the Shire as a whole. A precinct master plan and feasibility study has been procured.

Community consultation

The Shire undertook a six-week consultation process during June, July and August 2021 to obtain community feedback on the draft master plan for the proposed Harvey Community Precinct.

The Harvey community precinct master plan is a dynamic long term planning document that provides a framework and a vision for the future growth of Harvey.

On Tuesday, 21 December 2021 the Shire of Harvey Council endorsed to complete the master plan concept and briefing stage for the Harvey Community Precinct project.

In addition, Council requested Tender preparation to progress the project into design development and documentation.

Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Library reading and study
Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Library courtyard
Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Chamber and administration
Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Administration courtyard
Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Events alfresco area
Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Multi purpose exhibition space
Harvey Community Precinct Master Plan
Arts courtyard

Community Reference Group

In addition, Council requested the establishment of an Harvey Precinct Community Reference Group.

Nominations were invited from members of the community to fill a number of vacancies on the Harvey Precinct Community Reference Group. Nominations closed on Friday, 25 February 2022.

The Consultant is currently working on the update to the Master Plan and will be presenting an update for feedback from the Community Reference Group.

Project timeline

The development of the Harvey Community Precinct will be staged, with construction of the first phase planned to start in 2023.