Business Sundowners

The Shire of Harvey is collecting feedback regarding the current business operating environment in the Shire, future opportunities for growth and actionable strategies for the Shire to support this growth. They are inviting business owners and employees to come along, enjoy some drinks and canapés and have input into the Shire’s Economic Development Strategy.

The three key points that will be covered are:

  1. Business operation within the Shire: Understanding why businesses have chosen to locate in the Shire, including key locational advantages such as transport and logistics infrastructure, access to markets, land availability, climate, labour, natural resources and proximity to major centres.
  2. Future direction: What are the major trends, projects or markets that will shape the future of local businesses? What are businesses responding to currently, and what is on the horizon when considering the longer term outlook?
  3. The role of the Shire in supporting businesses: The Shire can play an important role in retaining existing businesses and encouraging the attraction of new businesses. Where are the Shire’s efforts best focussed to improve the growth of local industries?

See below for details.