Becoming a Citizen – How to Apply?

Frequently Asked Questions

Citizenship eligibility

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The Shire of Harvey hold Citizenship Ceremonies four times a year with the first one occuring in January (Australia Day).  Ceremonies (other than the Australia Day one) are held in the Council Chambers where the candidates receive a Certificate from the Australian Government confirming their new nationality.

Becoming a Citizen – How to Apply?

Citizenship application forms are available via the Department of Home Affairs website or Information Line on 131 880.

Following this process the Department of Home Affairs will confirm candidate’s eligibility to participate in a Ceremony by the associated Shire, with a conferral report received every month.

It should be noted that the Shire is only responsible for conducting the Ceremony following the Department’s approval of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out when my citizenship ceremony will be?   The Shire of Harvey is unable to provide you with a ceremony date until we receive notification from the Department of Immigration Citizenship that you have been approved for citizenship and the Shire has confirmed the date of the next Ceremony with Staff and Councillors involved.  The date is usually set approximately 8 weeks prior to the Ceremony.  Once the Shire receives this notification, you will be booked into the next available ceremony, however, please note due to the large amount of people we have on our waiting lists you may not be invited to the next ceremony but the one after it instead.

What is the waiting time for a ceremony?

The waiting time for a ceremony date varies between 3 – 6 months after you have received your letter of approval from the Minister for Immigration & Citizenship. Note that the waiting time starts from the date of approval, not the interview date.

When will I receive the details confirming my ceremony?

The Shire endeavours to give you as much notice as possible of your ceremony date. You will receive a letter of invitation at least six weeks prior to the ceremony.

How many guests can I bring to the ceremony?

Due to capacity restrictions in the chambers and the large number of people taking citizenship per ceremony, a maximum of two (2) guests per individual, couple or family is permitted.

Do children need to attend citizenship ceremonies?

Children aged 16 years and over are legally required to attend their citizenship ceremony and take the citizenship pledge in order to become an Australian citizen. Children under the age of 16 are not legally required to take the citizenship pledge, however are welcome to attend the ceremony and are encouraged to take the citizenship pledge where possible.

I have lost my citizenship certificate, what should I do?

If you have lost your citizenship certificate you must contact the Department of Home Affairs to arrange for a replacement.

Citizenship eligibility

For information on eligibility and how to apply for Australian citizenship, please contact the Department of Home Affairs website

For further information and dates of the next Citizenship Ceremony contact the CEO’s Executive Assistant.

Contact Person: CEO’s Executive Assistant
Contact Phone: (08) 9729 0320
Contact Email: