Harvey Region Tourism Advisory Group

The Shire of Harvey’s Advisory Groups aim to improve community engagement and inform the Shire of the needs and aspirations in the community.

Each Advisory Group has Council Representatives and Community Representatives.

Role of the Group

Harvey Region Tourism Advisory Group (TAG) will strive to establish Tourism as front of mind within the Shire of Harvey and the Harvey Region.

Objectives of the Group

  • Act as the crucial connection between the Shire of Harvey and the community to maximise participation in Tourism and Destination Harvey Region business unit initiatives.
  • Advise the Shire of Harvey on strategies and policies relating to Tourism within the Harvey Region.
  • Assist the Shire of Harvey to engage the Tourism industry about priority projects, services and facilities.
  • Support and help drive the implementation and progress reviews of the Harvey Region Tourism Road Map 2031.
  • Assist the Shire of Harvey to identify opportunities for Tourism development in the Harvey Region.
  • Support lobbying and the attraction of Tourism and related industry investment to the Harvey Region.
  • Advise the Shire of Harvey about strategies and actions to promote and celebrate Tourism awareness.
  • Support the Shire of Harvey’s Destination Harvey Region business unit.


Advisory Group members are appointed for a term of up to two years. 

There are a minimum of four meetings a year. Members are also encouraged to attend relevant industry functions and activities. 

This is not a remunerable position, nor does it include travel expenses. However, zoom meeting options are available. 

Selection criteria

Positions on the Harvey Region TAG are voluntary. To nominate for a position a nominee must have:

  • A strong understanding of the regional, national and international tourism environment and/or a related industry.
  • The ability to network and act as an ambassador promoting and advocating for the Harvey Region to a range of stakeholders in the Tourism industry and/or Government.
  • Ability to regularly attend TAG meetings and important related meetings, with adequate preparation for meetings including reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  • Active participation in evaluation and planning efforts, volunteering for and willingly accepting additional projects and duties.

Applications for initial appointment will be reviewed by a panel selected by the Shire of Harvey Chief Executive Officer in conjunction with the Shire of Harvey Sustainable Development Directorate and Destination Harvey Region Business Unit.  Recommendations will be made to the Shire of Harvey Council for endorsement.

Appointments will be skills based. Consideration will also be given to geographic and/or sector representation. Interviews may be held for short-listed applicants.

It is expected appointments will be finalised by June 2022 with the first meeting of the Harvey Region TAG held in July.

For more information, please refer to the Terms of Reference.

How to nominate

Nominees should complete the Nomination Form addressing the selection criteria by 4pm on Friday, 20 May 2022.


More information and contacts

For further information, please contact Tourism Development and Industry Support Officer, Trish Palmonari on 0460 001 435 or email.

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