Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool

The Pool is open until 31 March 2020. It will reopen in November 2020, the date is TBA. 

Summer opening times:

Monday to Friday                          10am to 6pm

Saturday                                        12noon to 6pm

Sunday                                          12noon to 6pm

Public Holidays                           12noon to 6pm

Fees and Charges

Admission fees:

Adults              $4.70 per person/session

Children          $3.70 per person/session

Seniors           $3.20 per person/session

Pensioners     $3.20 per person/session

Schools          $3.20 per person/session

Spectators     Nil

Concession tickets (books of 10):

Adults             $42.00

Children          $32.00

Season tickets:

* Family          $280.00 per family

Adults             $140.00 each adult

Children         $115.00 each child

Concession    $115.00 each concession holder or individual senior

Seniors          $210.00 per senior couple

GST – all fees shown above include 10% GST

* Family means the parent(s) and children of the family 17 years and under.  Older members of the family are to make their own arrangements for pool entry.  Season tickets will be available from the Pool Manager.  (Seniors refers to Senior Cardholders). Valid Seniors, Pensioner and Concession cards must be displayed on the day to obtain the discounted price.

Private Hire of Pool after hours:      $115.00 per hour


In the late 1970s, early 1980s the Education Department declared that Gibbs Pool was no longer suitable to be used as a swimming pool, due to health regulations.

The community and Shire raised funds and in 1983 the Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool (in memory of Dr Peter Topham) was opened.

The Dr Peter Topham Memorial Swimming Pool is located at 36 Hinge Road, Harvey.

Phone: 9729 1711