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Recruitment Process and Guidelines

Important notes:

  • The Shire of Harvey is an equal employment opportunity employer.
  • Reasonable workplace adjustments will be made for people with a disability.
  • This information is available in alternative formats, upon request.

Application process and guidance

The following information has been provided to assist you with applying for a job with the Shire of Harvey.

What to include in your application

Applications for this position should consist of four sections:

  1. Application for employment
  2. Covering letter
  3. Resume
  4. Selection criteria outlined in the Position Description. 

Application for employment

The application for employment provides a summary of your details and background and asks you to declare other information.

Covering letter

The covering letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the interview panel.  You may wish to summarise your application and emphasis your strongest points and achievements.

Resume or CV document

This document should include your personal details, relevant work and education history, training courses attended and list any qualifications and professional association memberships.

When listing your relevant work history, you should start with the most recent position you have held, include dates / period of employment, duties, responsibilities and achievements for each position.

You should also include the name, position title and contact number for at least three recent work-related referees.  These must be people who are able to comment on your job

Selection criteria document

The Position Description document outlines the application requirements for the job that you are applying for.  The Selection Criteria contains the skills and knowledge required for successful performance in the position being advertised.  These criteria are used to determine which applicant is best able to perform the duties of the position.

Lodging your application

Closing date

Your application must be received by 4pm of the date stated in the advertisement as the closing date.  We do not accept late applications except where you can provide evidence that you had sent it in sufficient time to reach us before the closing date and time. 

If there are extenuating circumstances it is your responsibility to notify the contact person before the closing date for consideration by the panel.  A 24 hour extension may be allowed but this must be approved prior to the closing date and time.  It is your responsibility to ensure your application reaches us on time.

Job application lodgment process

Go to current job vacancies and select the position to open the application form.

Please ensure you include all documents as listed on the following checklist:

  • Application for employment
  • Covering letter
  • Resume
  • Selection criteria
  • Copies of supporting documentation e.g. qualifications, drivers license, police clearance;
  • I have checked and am aware of the closing date and time.

Application acknowledgement and status

Once your application has been submitted, your acknowledgement will be displayed on the screen.

You will be contacted directly if you have been selected to progress to the next stage.  The selection process can take some time. 

The successful applicant will be contacted by a representative of the Interview Panel to verbally offer the position.  The Human Resource Team will forward a written offer. 

All unsuccessful applications will be notified in writing.

To check the progress of your application, please telephone the contact person name in the Position Description document. 

Selection process and interview guidance

Application review and shortlisting

All applications will be assessed and during this period you may be contacted for further discussion on your application or to clarify a detail. 

Applications will be short listed against the Selection Criteria for interview.  Applicants will be contacted if they have made it to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Preparing for an interview

Attending an interview can be stressful for even the most experienced applicant.  To prepare for an interview, read the position description focusing on the Selection Criteria.

  • Think of examples of work situations where you would have applied the relevant skills and knowledge
  • Focus on the duties of the position and think about how you would carry them out
  • Think about any problems you might encounter and how you would resolve them
  • Try to identify examples of your past experience that are similar, or skills that would be transferable to the position you have applied for
  • You will need to be able to identify the outcomes and achievements of your past situations.

Ensure you bring with you the original Certificates and Qualifications for the Selection Panel to sight.

The interview

If selected for an interview, you will be contacted in advance to arrange a suitable time to attend. 

Interviews are generally held in the Shire Administration Office with a panel of at least three members. These will usually be the Director, Division Manager or Coordinator from the appropriate area, a technical representative and an independent who may be a Human Resources Officer, or a staff member from another work area of Council.  All panel members will have had Interview skills training.

The interview is structured to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Validate that you can perform specific duties and tasks
  • Assess whether the behaviours and competencies that you have demonstrated match with those required for the position
  • Assist the Selection Panel to assess your overall suitability for the position.

During the interview, the Selection Panel Members will write notes and assess your answers in response to the structured questions, ensuring that applicants are examined in an object and informed manner. 

Should you not understand a question asked during the interview please seek clarification prior to providing a reply.  There will be an opportunity, generally at the end of the interview, to ask any questions you may have about the requirements of the position, working for the organisation or living in the Shire.

Referee and background checks

If further shortlisted following interview, the referees you nominated will be contacted to further substantiate your claims against the position. 

For some positions it may be necessary to verify information you have provided such as Educational qualifications, or undertake certain pre-employment checks. 

All Positions at Shire of Harvey require a National Police Check and a pre-employment medical assessment.

Following interviews

The successful applicant will be contacted by a representative of the Interview Panel to verbally offer the position.  The Human Resource Team will forward a written offer. 

All employment is subject to successfully obtaining a National Police Clearance at the Shire’s cost.  A Pre-Employment Medical questionnaire will need to be undertaken and the Shire will reimburse these costs.

All unsuccessful applications will be notified in writing.

Applicant feedback

Following closure of the recruitment process, Human Resource staff are available to provide you with feedback on your application and/or interview to assist you in applying for future vacancies with the Shire.

More information and contacts

For more information about applying for a job and our recruitment process, please contact us.

We value feedback on our processes and would like to hear from you if you think we can improve the way we undertake our recruitment processes.

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