New Era for Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre

It will be business as usual for the Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre (HRCC) as it transitions to a new management model, according to the Shire of Harvey Chief Executive Officer Annie Riordan.
Since the Centre was first opened in 1993 it has been managed by the Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre Management Committee which includes representatives from the Shire and the local community.
A number of the Centre’s operational functions were transferred to the Shire of Harvey in 2003 and the balance of the Centre’s day to day management functions will transition to the Shire by 30 June 2020, Ms Riordan said.
“One of the main reasons the Centre has been so successful and delivered so many wonderful programs and events is due to the passion and volunteer contributions from the local community since it first opened its doors,” she said.
“The Shire will be working very closely with the Management Committee to ensure that strong community input is maintained under the new model.”
The change comes after the Shire received advice regarding some anomalies with the governance arrangement due to the Shire performing some management functions and the Management Committee responsible for others.
HRCC Management Committee President Craig Maughan said that “the new management model would provide a better governance structure, allowing the anomalies to be fixed whilst maintaining that intangible benefit of the local community having input to the management and future development of the Centre.”
“The Management Committee will be working closely with the Shire to develop Terms of Reference for the new governance model to ensure a smooth transition and no disruption to the Centre’s activities.
“The Committee is supportive of the change and believes it will provide a number of positive benefits for the staff and the community.”