ACROD Parking Bays are Someone’s Day

ACROD Parking Bays are Someone’s Day
03 Dec 2020

The Shire of Harvey is proud to support National Disability Services and the ACROD Parking Program in a new community awareness campaign.

Australind residents Zane and his mum Keira have told their story about why ACROD parking bays are so important for their family.

Watch the video below which tells their story.

Featuring the message “This Bay is Someone’s Day: Park right, day and night” and using the medium of art, it aims to highlight the impact that parking in an ACROD bay without a permit can have on someone’s day.

“We wanted to bring to life the stories of ACROD permit holders through the medium of art and visually convey what the bays mean for people who genuinely need them,” said Julie Waylen, WA State Manager of National Disability Services, which administers the ACROD Parking Program. 

“Research we undertook with people who illegally use ACROD bays suggested a lack of understanding about the real life implications for permit holders when they are unable to access an ACROD parking bay.

“The reality is that parking in an ACROD bay without a permit can take away a person’s independence and stop them going about their day.”

As part of the campaign, local ACROD permit holder Kiera Evans and her son Zane have collaborated with artist Shannon Lively to create an art installation in the ACROD bay at the Ridley Place Foreshore Park in Australind which gives a visual representation of what the bay means to them.

“An ACROD bay to us means we can do everyday activities people take for granted. If there are no bays or safe options to get out of the van, unfortunately we can’t get out,” Keira said.

The bay is just one of many ACROD Parking Bays around WA which will be transformed into eye-catching art installations featuring the message “This Bay is Someone’s Day: Park right, day and night”. 

Shire of Harvey President Paul Gillett said: “It is fantastic to see the Shire participating in this important initiative and for raising awareness around the importance of ACROD parking bays.

“There are many people in our community who need access to these bays and it is important they can gain access when required.

“This is a great campaign to shine a light on the importance of these bays and by telling the stories of local people that use these bays it personalises the message.

 “The Shire is proud to partner with NDS to deliver this project and we look forward to future involvement in more initiatives and programs like this.”

Currently more than 90,000 West Australians with severe mobility restrictions have an ACROD permit.

The campaign is being undertaken by National Disability Services, which has delivered the ACROD Parking Program for more than 40 years. It will run for three months in partnership with 25 local governments, five shopping centres, RAC and with funding from the Department of Communities.