Snake Warning

Snake Warning
03 Nov 2020

A number of snakes have been reported basking in the sun throughout the Shire this week. This is a reminder to remain vigilant in public spaces.

Snakes have been spotted in the Shire.

This is a reminder that in spring and summer, many reptiles emerge into public spaces that we occupy and this comes as a warning to take precautions to minimise the chance of encountering snakes.

See below advice from The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions on how to deal with snakes.


  • Take care in bushland and grassy areas.
  • Walk and/or cycle in cleared areas only, where you can see the ground.
  • When bushwalking, wear long trousers and boots or other enclosed footwear that preferably cover the ankles.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the ground about a metre ahead of where you are walking, and avoid entering areas of long grass, rushes and undergrowth.
  • Around your home remove long grass and items lying on the ground such as corrugated iron, which may provide cover for snakes.
  • Reduce mice numbers around the house.
  • Learn the correct treatment for snakebite.

If you see a snake on your property or a public place, please contact one of the following experienced wildlife relocators.


Contact number


Mitch McSweeney

0437 739 796

Donation required

Mike Butcher

9725 3377 or 0428 193 252

Charges apply

Simon Johnston

0448 990 699

Donation required

Rob Pettit

0438 907 981

Charges for petrol

Important note: For your safety, do not try to remove the snake yourself or aggravate it. Many snake bites occur due to people attempting to remove the snake themselves. If bitten please seek medical advice immediately by calling 000.