Restricted Burning Period from 29 March to 15 May 2023

The restricted burning period dates are subject to change due to variable weather conditions. Permits to burn are required for the restricted burning period and must be obtained from the Bush Fire Control Officer.

For up to date information regarding Total Fire Bans and community warnings about emergencies visit Emergency WA

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Hazard Reduction Burning

Hazard Reduction Burning
19 Apr 2021

Hazard Reduction Burning will take place in bushland bordered by Rosella Loop and Butcherbird Road, Harvey for the next few days.

With the aim of providing a safer community by reducing the risk posed by wildfire, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services staff are preparing to conduct a prescribed burn in order to reduce fuel loads.

The burn will be conducted in bushland bordered by Rosella Loop and Butcherbird Road, in a manner that is safe while maintaining environmental and heritage values for the area.

What you should do if you are smoke affected:

  • Motorists are advised to take care, turn on headlights and follow instructions or signage
  • Motorists and residents should close all windows and doors and turn off air conditioners

People with health conditions exacerbated by smoke should:

  • Take precautions in line with your pre-prepared treatment plan
  • Seek medical advice from your doctor or call Health direct on 1800 022 222
  • For more information go to Department of Health website

What you should not do:

  • Please do not call ‘000’ unless reporting a life threatening event
  • The area will be monitored following the burn to ensure it is safe
  • The area may smoulder for several days
  • Do not enter the reserve until deemed safe and all signage / hazard tape is removed

Further information

Day of burn, Emergency WA has the most up to date information