Neighbourhood Dog Cards Available

Neighbourhood Dog Cards Available
03 Jun 2021

Noisy dogs can become a nuisance, especially if their owners don't know they are barking, howling or crying while they are out. We have a solution to help you out.

Do you have a noisy dog in your street? Not sure how to let your neighbour know?

Our Rangers have kindly supplied Bark Cards which can be picked up from either Harvey or Australind Administration Centres for you to fill-out and drop into your neighbour's letterbox. 

We know that barking, howling or crying dogs can be quite disturbing, however sometimes our neighbours might not be aware of this, especially if it happens while they are out.

Here are some tips if your dog is barking, howling or crying:

  • Restrict dogs vision of public areas
  • Ensure dog is confined to rear of property
  • Consider training/re-training
  • Regular walk and exercise
  • Engage with toys and puzzles
  • Ensure adequate food and water available
  • Incorporate shelter/indoor time
  • Visit your vet for further advice