New Cross for Harvey Shrine

New Cross for Harvey Shrine
10 Nov 2021

The Harvey Internment Camp Memorial Shrine chapel received a new cross.

A new cross was installed at the Harvey Internment Camp Memorial Shrine chapel on Wednesday, 10 November. The jarrah cross has been crafted and donated by Ray Suarez of the South West Community Care Men's Shed, replicating the original cross that had deteriorated over time.

Shire President Paul Gillett said the contribution was greatly appreciated and highlighted the historic significance of the shrine.  

“It is wonderful to see our local community groups give back to their community by getting involved in projects like this,” Cr Gillett said.

"We are grateful to our wonderful volunteers for their contribution in keeping this significant piece of our history in a great condition. Thank you to Ray and the Men’s Shed for your contribution." 

The unique roadside shrine, believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia, was built by WWII prisoners in the 1940s.

In 1992 a chapel was built around the shrine, which is a popular tourist attraction depicting an important part of our history.