Notice of Hazard Reduction Burning

Notice of Hazard Reduction Burning
12 Apr 2022

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services are conducting a prescribed burn on 13 and 14 April 2022.

With the aim of providing a safer community by reducing the risk posed by wildfire, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services staff are preparing to conduct a prescribed burn in order to reduce fuel loads.
The burn will be conducted in a manner that is safe while maintaining environmental and heritage values for the area.
Where: Bushland between Whistler Way and Shire of Harvey Depot
When: 13 – 14 April 2022 (the date will be dependent on weather conditions and may not occur).

What should you do if smoke affected:

  • Motorists are advised to take care, turn on headlights and follow instructions or signage
  • Motorists and residents should close all windows and doors and turn off air conditioners
  • For crew safety, Batt Way may be closed to traffic - arrangements will be made for residents’ access. 

People with health conditions exacerbated by smoke should:

  • Take precautions in line with your pre-prepared treatment plan.
  • Seek medical advice from your doctor or call Health direct on 1800 022 222.
  • For more information please visit the Department of Health website.

What you should not do:

  • Please do not call ‘000’ unless reporting a life threatening event
  • The area will be monitored following the burn to ensure it is safe
  • The area may smoulder for several days.
  • Do not enter the reserve until deemed safe and all signage / hazard tape is removed.

Further information

For more information please visit Emergency WA website.