Irrigation Galway Green

Irrigation Galway Green
03 Feb 2022

The irrigation system at Galway Green in Australind is currently not operational.

Recently, there was a failure of the pump and bore that irrigates the entire Galway Green area in Australind.

The bore, constructed approximately 22 years ago, is approximately 230m deep and draws water from the Yarragadee Aquifer.

The bore pump that supplies the estate with irrigation water has burnt out and is in need of replacement.
Upon further investigation it has been determined that the current bore and casing are beyond repair.

The Shire is obtaining quotations and checking availability of specialised drilling contractors to enable a new bore to be drilled.

In addition a new pump, electrical equipment and grouting/capping the existing bore will be required.

In the interim, to ensure that the amenity of the parkland is maintained, the Shire’s Parks team has arranged for a large  water cart to start transporting bore water from another park to fill the existing lake at Galway Green.

Water from the lake will then be used to irrigate the parkland and some of the surrounds. This will be commencing in the next few days.

Maintenance of the lake and the existing fountain will be undertaken during the winter months. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will provide updates as more information on progress becomes available.