LLC Court Expansion Project Update

LLC Court Expansion Project Update
06 Oct 2022

The LLC Court Expansion Advisory Group recently convened in September to discuss the Court Expansion Detailed Masterplans.

User groups, key stakeholders and the Shire of Harvey Council attendedĀ a workshop with Hodge Collard Preston to work on the final design of the Leschenault Leisure Centre (LLC) Court Expansion Project. With community feedback directly guiding the development of the project, the Shire is excited to share this concept with the sporting community.

The expansion project proposal includes features such as:

  • Four new timber sprung courts with retractable grandstand and sufficient spectator seating
  • A mezzanine level for additional viewing options
  • New accessible changerooms with access to the ovals
  • A workshop for wheelchair repairs, game controllers room, sporting code office spaces and adequate storage
  • A new entry to the north eastern corner of the building to cater for larger and regional events

Shire Officers are working to complete a business case for the project that will be presented to Council in the coming months, which will outline the funding strategy for the project moving forward.

The project will be jointly funded by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries ($3 million) and the Shire of Harvey ($6 million). The Shire is seeking additional funding support from Federal Government, and other partnership opportunities continue to be investigated.