New Galway Green Bore

New Galway Green Bore
27 Oct 2022

Works for the new bore at Galway Green will start on 10 November.

A collapse of the existing bore at Galway Green in Australind earlier this year required the Shire to call tenders for the construction of a new bore and associated works.

Western Irrigation will be commencing drilling works for the new bore on Thursday, 10 November 2022. Tentative completion date is 25 November 2022.

Following the drilling works, a new bore pump and associated electrical works will be undertaken over a two week period commencing on 28 November 2022 with the new bore being operational by 10 December 2022.

While we will endeavor to keep any disruption in the immediate area to an absolute minimum during the works,  due to the nature of the works some minor disruption may occur.

If you have any questions, please contact the Shire’s Irrigation Specialist, Mr. Dudley Greathead on 0484 923 394.