Restricted Burning Period from 29 March to 15 May 2023

The restricted burning period dates are subject to change due to variable weather conditions. Permits to burn are required for the restricted burning period and must be obtained from the Bush Fire Control Officer.

For up to date information regarding Total Fire Bans and community warnings about emergencies visit Emergency WA

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New HRCC Website is Now Live

New HRCC Website is Now Live
05 Oct 2022

The new Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre (HRCC) website is now live.

The Shire of Harvey is excited to announce the new Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre (HRCC) website is now live.

In collaboration with digital marketing agency Alyka, the new HRCC website was developed to offer a more user-friendly experience and improved accessibility for online visitors while also integrating the recent rebranding of the centre.

With a fresh and modern appearance, the new website encapsulates the wide range of offerings available to the community, including cultural events, gym facilities, recreational activities, kids’ programs, team sports and more.

The new website will also provide updates, alerts and news to online visitors, strengthening the connection of the local community to the centre and the Shire.

The launch of this new website will support the continuing growth and development of the HRCC and will ensure that the services provided by the centre are meeting the needs of the local community.

The new website is located at the same address: