Bunbury Outer Ring Road Update

Bunbury Outer Ring Road Update
29 Jun 2023

The Bunbury Outer Ring Road is now 48 per cent complete.

Construction crews expect the Bunbury Outer Ring Road (BORR) to be 50 per cent complete in July.

The Project is now 48 per cent complete following sigificant activity at the 'mega bridge' site.

Crews have recently poured concrete for bridge columns and the collision wall. In total, there are 11 piers and 33 columns at this bridge, which takes BORR over Golding Crescent, the Ferguson River, the freight rail line, and Boyanup-Picton Road.

When finished, it will be the longest bridge in the South West at 382 metres in length. 

At the Raymond Road interchange, crews have completed the installation of balustrades along both sides of the bridge.

Pedestrian balustrades are installed along bridges to ensure the safety of people utilising the footpath. Next, the guardrails will be installed, which will support vehicles travelling over the bridge.

For more information on the Bunbury Outer Ring Road, visit the Main Roads website.