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Shire of Higher Learning

Shire of Higher Learning
13 Jun 2023

Shire of Harvey Libraries will inspire a new generation of academics through a fun and educational program that launched in June.

Shire of Harvey Libraries will inspire a new generation of academics through a fun and educational program that launched yesterday, 12 June.

Dubbed “Children’s University,” the program will transform Shire of Harvey Libraries into a “Learning Destination” partner.

ECU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Regional Futures) Professor Cobie Rudd said Children’s University members can visit the Shire’s libraries and participate in activities that spark a passion for learning and link to courses offered at ECU including science, engineering, computing, maths, performing arts, sport and health.

Professor Rudd established the Children’s University in Western Australia in 2017. In 2020, the University of Western Australia joined Edith Cowan University, forming the state-wide Children’s University WA Partnership (CUWAP).

The program partners with local primary schools (CU Partner Schools) to connect young people and families to community through extra-curricular learning.

The Shire of Harvey Libraries will also join an international collection of accredited zoos, parks, museums, art galleries, theatres, sporting clubs and businesses that provide access to high quality extra-curricular learning opportunities. These institutions connect families to community, nurture future aspirations of young people and encourage future pathways to higher education and careers when they graduate high school.

“Shire of Harvey Libraries will enable the curiosity and knowledge of young people by becoming a Children’s University Learning Destination,” Professor Rudd said.

“At the Learning Destination, children’s learning hours are logged and they receive milestone stamps in their Passport to Learning.

“At the end of each year, there’s a formal graduation ceremony hosted on ECU campus to celebrate their achievements.

“This is a great opportunity to further the learning of Shire of Harvey’s young people and inspire a university pathway in children who might not have yet considered it.”

Aside from nurturing personal and academic development of local CU members, the partnership with ECU’s Children’s University will also give Shire of Harvey Libraries access to an international profile that encourages CU families from across Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius to visit.

Shire of Harvey President Cr Paul Gillett said the Shire would join a network of over 850 other Learning Destinations across Australasia, which have helped to support more than 46,000 memberships across CU Australasia and Africa (IO) since the program’s foundation in 2013.          

“This partnership with ECU’s Children’s University will put a spotlight on Shire of Harvey Libraries and ensure young people in the community have the support they need to study their dream degree and get their dream job,” Cr Gillett said.

“We look forward to providing all the aspiring mathematicians, scientists, engineers, teachers and performers in the community a place to continue their learning beyond the classroom – and have plenty of fun while doing it!”

Shire of Harvey Libraries became a Learning Destination on Monday, 12 June. 

Contact for more information about joining the Children’s University program.