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Bunbury Outer Ring Road Update

Bunbury Outer Ring Road Update
08 May 2023

The Bunbury Outer Ring Road is now more than 40 per cent complete.

The Bunbury Outer Ring Road is now more than 40 per cent complete.

Crews have finished pouring concrete for the bridge deck at the Raymond Road interchange.

The bridge beam has also been installed at the same site. 

North of the Raymond Road interchange, precast concrete headwalls have been delivered to site and will be installed along the road drainage network.

At the Paris Road and Clifton Road interchange, crews are preparing for the second stage of the Forrest Highway traffic switch.

The next stage of work, which is currently planned to be implemented in mid-2023, requires all traffic on Forrest Highway to be temporarily moved onto the new permanent southbound carriageway.

This will allow the project team to complete the remaining construction activities on the western side of the interchange and build the new and permanent northbound carriageway.

Further south, crews have completed foundation preparation. The sand placement and compaction process has started for Brysinda Road. This is a new road which will link Martin Pellusey and Discovery Road.

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