Under the Shire of Harvey’s local laws, as a general rule an owner or occupier of a premises may only keep up to 12 poultry at that premises.

The keeping of roosters, turkeys, geese, peacocks and peahens is NOT PERMITTED, unless approved by Council.

Poultry are required to be kept in an enclosure at all times. The enclosure must be constructed in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. No poultry is able to approach within 15 metres of a dwelling house,   public building, or premises where people are employed or where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold;
  2. All poultry is kept in a properly constructed and securely fastened structure or enclosure which is provided with a concrete floor trowelled to a smooth finish and laid with a fall of 1 in 50 to the front;
  3. The structure or enclosure is in a yard having an otherwise unobstructed area of at least 30 square metres;
  4. No poultry is able to approach within 18 metres of a street other than a right of way unless, in the case of land at the junction of two or more streets, council has approved a lesser distance;
  5. All enclosures or cages within which poultry are kept shall be maintained at all times in a clean condition and shall be disinfected or otherwise dealt with in a way as directed by an Environmental Health Officer; and
  6. The storage of poultry food must be stored in rodent proof receptacles.