Uduc Road Project Update

Footpath extensions, improved lighting at the crosswalk and other enhancements along Uduc Road, Harvey are part of the works being carried out along the main street to improve the overall safety of the area.

The Uduc Road Improvement Project was identified several years ago when deterioration of the raised kerb and concrete infill along the central median island of Uduc Road presented a potential trip hazard for pedestrians. In addition, the safety around the existing crosswalk was considered to be a high priority.

Harvey Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Annie Riordan said preliminary plans and cost estimates were budgeted with the aim to provide a safer environment for pedestrians, improved streetscape and improved control of vehicle speeds on Uduc Road.

The community were invited to provide feedback on the proposal and Council took the feedback into account, wherever possible when approving the final project plan.

The current project which was awarded to by Carbone following a competitive tender process comprises the removal of the existing raised central median along Uduc Road between Young Street and Herbert Road. This will be replaced with a new red asphalt pavement flush with the existing road surface. The existing street light poles and trees will still have raised kerb surrounds, Ms Riordan said.

“New heritage style bollards will be strategically installed along the centre of the road to further enhance pedestrian safety and prevent vehicles from crossing the central median area,” she said.

“Flush red asphalt entry statements will also be installed near Yong Street and Hayward Street on Uduc Road to identify this section of roadway as a high foot traffic area.”

It is estimated that the works will be completed by late June 2019 (weather permitting).

Ms Riordan said the community were fully supportive of the project with positive feedback and a general understanding of some disruptions that may occur during the construction works.