Annual General Meeting of Electors

The Shire of Harvey will hold its Annual General Meeting of Electors in the Harvey Council Chambers on Tuesday, 27 February 2024, commencing at 2.30pm. Click for more information. 

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Application to Vary Firebreaks

Application to Vary Firebreaks

This application must be completed no later than 1 November each year. Approval of this application does not grant an exemption to install firebreaks on your property.
Applicant details
In accordance with the provisions of the Shire of Harvey Firebreak Notice I hereby apply for permission to provide firebreaks in alternative positions for the property at:
Is the land grazed?

Do you have fire suppression equipment at the property?

If permission is not granted by the Council or its duly Authorised Officers, you must comply with the requirements of the Firebreak Order.
I have read and I understand the guidelines of this application.