Trading in Public Places

Why approval is required

You must obtain approval from the Shire to trade on public land. This ensures the Shire can manage the sale of a variety of activities in public places such as food vendors, flower stalls and ice-cream traders.

Assessment of an application considers the proposed location and impact the activity may have on public safety, public access, other traders, traffic flow, and established businesses close by.

Apply for a licence

To apply for a licence, complete and submit the application form below.

The following information must be provided in your application:

  • The proposed trading activity type
  • The proposed location/locations you wish to trade
  • The proposed days and times you wish to trade, and
  • Details of the proposed stall/vehicle.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance must also be attached to the application.

Licence conditions

  • Licences are valid until the end of the financial year. After this your licence will expire and should you wish to renew the licence, please ensure you submit a new application at least 14 days before the end of the licence period.
  • Compliance with the provisions of Council’s Local Laws relating to Trading in Public Places and Parking and Parking Facilities.
  • Activities to comply with the Food Act 2008 Food Standards Code at all times.
  • Food business to be registered with a Local Government at all times. (The Shire of Harvey must be notified of any changes in activities or variation in the approval.)
  • Vehicle(s) to be kept fully self-contained and mobile at all times.
  • All stock to be kept within the confines of the vehicle.
  • Erection of structures or umbrellas not permitted.
  • No signs allowed on road reserves except on vehicle.
  • Maximum stopping time in any one location – two hours if trading, 30 minutes if not.

Annual fees

Trading in public places businesses are charged an annual assessment fee.

The assessment fee is based per annum and invoices are issued at the time of approval of the registration.

More information and contacts

For more information on trading in public places, please contact us.

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