Water Quality and Safety

The Shire of Harvey’s Environmental Health Officers monitor the safety and quality of drinking water, public swimming pools and recreational water such as beaches and dams.

Drinking water

Many rural properties within the Shire are not provided with scheme water and rely on rainwater tanks or bores, or a combination of both.

Monitoring of non-scheme water

The Shire’s Environmental Health Officer’s monitor the drinking water quality of cellar doors, restaurants and accommodation premises that provide water to the public but are not on scheme water.

Monitoring of scheme water

The Shire does not test scheme water. Please contact Water Corporation for any queries relate to scheme water.

Water tanks on your property

Rainwater can be quite safe to drink when it is carefully collected and properly stored.

Visit the Department of Health’s website for guidance on safe storage and disinfection of rain water tanks on your property.

Swimming pools

The Shire samples every public pool and spa once a month, testing the water quality to ensure it is safe for swimming.

Testing the water ensures that public swimming pools and spas comply with the Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management, and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities. (To find out about the code visit Management of Aquatic Facilities on the Department of Health’s website).

Recreational water and dams

The Shire works closely with the Department of Health to monitor the microbial quality of popular swimming beaches and dams.

Sites are sampled during November to April for bacterial quality.

More information and contacts

For more information on safe drinking water please contact us.