Tornado Hits Harvey

A tornado ripped through Harvey in “literally a matter of minutes” on the evening of Thursday, August 29, according to Harvey Volunteer SES Manager Vaughn Byrd who was on the scene at around 6.30pm.

He said the tornado came from west of Government Road, Harvey and went through Tenth Street, Ninth Street, Eighth Street, Third Street and Roy Street where a number of people have lost the roof of their homes, sheds were damaged and debris has gone flying into trees and along the street.

The Harvey Visitor Centre was also affected by the tornado as a tree had fallen on the centre and many other tree branches have come down in the area.

The Shire’s tree pruning contractor will also remove other limbs considered a potential hazard to the Visitor Centre whilst on site with their equipment.

Shire staff have visited areas of where properties were damaged to reassure owners that the debris clean-up on roads will continue until completed.

Staff have also spoken to respective owners in regards to ensuring they have alternative accommodation.

Damaging winds are possible over the southwest of the State with the passage of a cold front on Friday evening. Damaging winds with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour are possible with the passage of the cold front which could cause damage to homes and property.  Winds are expected to ease by early Saturday morning.