Zonings, Maps and Landuse

The Greater Bunbury Region Scheme (GBRS) is prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and is the overarching document which controls planning and development matters within the Shire of Harvey.  This document guides the general zonings for the Shire, in addition to development patterns and permissible landuses.

These zonings which are displayed on the GBRS must be reflected within the Shire’s District Planning Scheme No.1 (DPS No.1), the document prepared to control development within the Council’s boundaries.  These documents provide the Council with power to allow or deny development and proposals through the Planning and Development Act 2005, endorsed by State Parliament.

The Shire’s District Planning Scheme is also the main policy used to implement and coordinate effective planning controls within the Council’s boundaries.  Under the Scheme, properties are classified into different zonings (Residential, General Farming, etc) and associated landuses (activities) are detailed, providing an indication for potential or excluded uses in certain areas.

These zonings are placed on properties throughout the Shire to ensure that non-compatible activities (landuses) do not disturb adjoining properties, in addition to providing appropriate places where such landuses can occur.

Residential Density Split Coding

The residential zoning is applied to most of the Shire’s urban settlements with a number of potential landuses (activities) possible.

It must be noted that density coding for residential areas is a different matter to zoning, which indicates a maximum permissible number of dwellings for development on a property or area. This is often displayed as R10, R20 R40 etc, and relates to development of dwellings per hectare.

The most common density coding for residential zoned areas within the Shire is “R15/30/50”. These codes provide various development options available to residential properties. However this is dependent on a number of factors and dictates whether development at higher densities can occur.

For more information regarding Residential Density Split Coding, please refer to the Information Sheet below.

Information Sheet – Residential Split Coding

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